Welcome to the P. Emme Giochi’s new site

We welcome you to P. Emme Giochi’s new site!
A colourful and intuitive design will help you in the surfing of the site, guiding you to the discovery of the two main uses of the balloon.

P.Emme Giochi: passion for balloons

P.Emme Giochi’s history is longer than a century: the current company is the union of P. Emme Giochi and Inpag, two companies that, after following different paths, now communicate with their client as one. Safety and respect of the environment are keywords for P. Emme Giochi, which makes biodegradable balloons for adults and children.

Thanks to P. Emme Giochi you’ll discover the two main uses of the balloons: as a toy for adults and children and a san original promotion tool. The company deals with the realization of balloons for retail sales and promotional balloons, and it also deals with the sale of balloons accessories such as sticks, helium tanks and balloons exhibitors.

P.Emme Giochi’s new site: colourful and intuitive

P.Emme Giochi’s new site has a colourful look, of different warm shades: just like a balloon, it is captivating and engaging.

Its intuitive design will give you an efficient and positive surfing experience. You can discover the centenary story of the company and its values. This intuitive design will help you navigate through the company’s products. Toy balloons for retail sales, advertising balloons and balloons accessories: each of these products has its own page, in which you can find out its benefits.