Balloon Accessories

A balloon isn’t enough, whether it used for promotional events or retail shops. Inpag and P.Emme Giochi offer balloon accessories that help you inflate and exhibit balloons , to improve the users’ experience.  

for point-of-sale

Balloon columns or for your work bench, the solution for every need

air pumps

An essential accessory
to inflate balloons quickly

Strings to close
your balloons

Few simple gestures and the balloons is closed hermetically, lasting for a long time

Electric inflators
pumps and helium tanks

Balloons come to life, alongside your clients’ emotions

Eco-friendly and safe cardboard baloon holders

These products allow you to close the balloons and fix them to the pole in a single gesture, with an attention for the youngsters.

The closing system doesn’t have small parts that can be swallowed: thus these products are safe for children.

You can buy two types of cardboard balloon holders.

Cardboard and PLA holders

These cardboard sticks have a PLA attachment. PLA is a biodegradable plastic produced from renewable resources (such as corn starch).
The two pieces must then be inserted one on top of the other.

One-piece cardboard holders

These one-piece sticks are made of biodegradable cardboard.
It is a single piece that must be folded in its half cuts (as you can see in the images), thus attaching the balloon.

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Inpag and P.Emme Giochi, located in Almenno San Bartolomeo (Bergamo), are two companies from the same family, united in 2014. They give their knowledge, grown in decades of activity, to the balloons and their two fundamental uses: as a tool for promotional events and as a toy for sale. We’ve established relationships full of trust and esteem with communication agencies and distribution chains.

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