Different roads that lead to the same direction: to the passion for balloons.
Inpag and P.Emme Giochi have been working for decades in separate ways, but in the end they decided to combine their efforts in a single activity.
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The key stages

End of the 19th century

The Beginnings

The great-grandfather of the current owner set up a balloons factory in Germania. It’s the first step of a long history that links the Miccoli’s family to this product to this day.

Birth of Inpag

The family tradition moves to Italy, in the province of Lecco. Here Inpag is founded: the brand name means Industria Nazionale Palloncini a Gas (National Industry of Gas Balloons). It becomes a brand of balloons meant for children.

Founding of P.Emme Giochi

P.Emme Giochi begings its activity. Its target is composed by small and medium company that want to use balloons as a promotional tool.

Current management of P.Emme

Mr. Mario takes the lead of the company. The purpose is to update their service to the modern technologies, keeping the courtesy and the excellent level of the customer service.

Purchase of Inpag

P.Emme Giochi and Inpag become a single company, that has its headquarter in Almenno San Salvatore, in the province of Bergamo. This allow the company to be a single representative for its main services linked to the balloon: advertising printing and the sale supply.

What you can find in P.Emme

A reference point

We’re one of the very few companies to represent a stable reference point for agencies and companies that want to use balloons for their business: as a promotional tool and as a sale supplement.

Customer support

The relationship with our customers is crucial. And we demonstrate that in all of our commissions. We follow the whole process, listing to our clients’ needs and making a work that lives up to the expectations. Our customer support is available in the after-sales phase: if your purchased lot has defects, we will replace the order without asking you additional money.

Rapidity guaranteed

We work in a professional way, in the making of the product and in the delivery of it. We understand your need to have the balloons on time, so we assure you that we abide by the pre-set dates. So you will have what you asked for when you need it.

In-depth knowledge
of the product

We’ve been working with balloons for over a century. We’ve learnt which materials to use and which to avoid. We’ve been able to follow the evolution of the market and satisfy the needs of our clients.

Made in Italy Balloon

Both the production and the packaging of our balloons take place in Italy. The origin guarantees the quality of the materials and the respect of the laws. The packages design is carefully studied by P.Emme Giochi, so it will be appealing for the children.

Quality of the printing

The balloons are made with silk-screen printing, using from 1 to 8 colours at the same time. This assure the absence of imperfections and smears on logos and other details. The inflation of the balloon, needed for the printing, allow to throw away the flawed pieces.

Happy and safe

Our whole production respect the EN-71 legislation, an European law for the toys’ security.

Our balloons are non-toxic, both in the latex and in the colours used for the printing.

Our cardboard holders give a practical and safe solution to the balloon closure: there are no small parts, so there’s no risk to be swallowed.


Our balloons are made with biodegradable latex. You can kiss the sad image of toxic plastic goodbye: a P.Emme balloon decompose with the same quickness of a maple leaf. Your company will be the main protagonist of an happy experience, that begins with a beautiful feeling and ends with an happy ending. And your clients won’t forget about you.